Sunday, July 6, 2008

Interesting people

Have you come across some people who give you that feeling that they must always be 'one-up'? Is it their inferiority complex manifesting as superiority complex? I'm not a why am I writing this post? I guess I'm just wondering why some people do things they do or say things they say that give you this impression.

They seem to place a lot of importance on what others think of them; of what they do, say, think, wear, the places they go to, etc. Does that have to do with lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem, or the opposite i.e. being absolutely full of themselves and overly prideful of their accomplishments?

Which do you prefer to be around?

The humble 'diam diam ubi berisi*' type, regardless of how successful or talented they are


The type that think the world revolves around them, those who show off, be it blatantly or subtly?

I'm trying not to discriminate either one here as both have its good and bad points, and advantages and disadvantages.

The former could probably be more well-liked by others, but being too 'quiet' at times may not get him as far as he wants to go. This is especially so when the people that matter are not aware of how capable he is.

Meanwhile, the latter could be irritating as hell, boasting all his life or always competing, but gets where he wants to be because everyone knows what he can do; it's just that he's too 'loud' at times.

I'm thinking of a middle ground. It's healthy to compete but it doesn't reflect well when you start to look like you must always be better than others i.e. 'kiasu' (afraid to lose). It's alright to tell others about your accomplishments, with the sincere intention of sharing your personal happiness or putting on record with your boss, for instance, what you have done. It's not too alright when you start telling others of your successes simply to boost your own ego.

* Malay proverb that means the opposite of 'empty vessels make the loudest noise'

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