Thursday, July 31, 2008

Home is where the heart is

I've been stuck at home this week since returning from Ipoh over the weekend; mainly because Caitlin's fever and runny nose since Sunday has yet to let up. She stayed home yesterday and today. I plan to keep her home tomorrow too. Managed to do a quick run to the supermarket last night after Eugene got home to get some urgent groceries.

Yesterday, Eugene went to work late as he had to stay home to watch Caitlin while I went to the school in Brickfields to get a transfer request form and find out what other documentation is required.

The husband-wife tag team happens in times like this in a family that does not have household help. In such times, I'm glad I'm a homemaker. The stress of juggling a full-time day job as an employee, coupled with the worry of a sick child alone at home with a maid you can't fully trust, and other pressing needs like meeting the school transfer deadline, is enough to drive an 'ageing' person like me crazy. I think I'm past the age of high-stress living and trying to be 'supermum'.

It's best to be realistic. There's more to life than a high-flying, high-paying job. You can work just about anytime in your life but your baby's first steps, first words, other Kodak moments happen just once in a lifetime.

I stumbled across an article which mentioned that "Seven out of ten young women say they want to take it easier than their mothers did, and one in four would like to give up work altogether to raise a family. Many said they found females who combine a lucrative career with bringing up a family 'irritating' and 'unhelpful'." I wonder if I was 'irritating' and 'unhelpful' during my career mum days...

The article also said, "They don't want to work crazy hours while their children are put into nurseries and their relationships disintegrate under the strain. Young women today are increasingly putting their personal happiness before a big salary or a high-powered career."

While I often lament about my hand dermatitis, not having my 'freedom', not enough cash to last us till month's end or for a much-needed holiday, I'd echo the article title "Supermum? Not me, thanks" if I were asked to choose between being "supermum" and "plain mum".

In fact, "plain mum" is already feeling like "supermum" right now. I'm concurrently blogging, chatting online, overseeing Caitlin with her sums and simmering soup on the stove while the laundry is spinning.

I have to go now. The Math kid is feeling lonely...

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