Monday, July 14, 2008

A cat's-eye view

Pictures of what the camera caught in Santubong, Kuching and thereabouts.

Star books or 'star' rims?

View from lobby of Damai Puri Resort at Santubong

View of mountains from the beach of Damai Puri Resort

Mount Santubong from the window of Sarawak Cultural Village shuttle (bus) to Kuching

Ad on the back of bus seat. Sarawakian-English pronounces "ay" (as in "eight") as "a" (as in "at"). One-two-EIGHT = want to ADD?

Big grasshopper on pillar in Kuching town, spotted by Caitlin

Riverside view at Waterfront

Pua weaving demo at Sarawak Cultural Village

Captured while queueing to board plane back to Kuala Lumpur

Chicken and mushroom linguini with parmesan (kid's platter) at Kuching airport Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Restless kid in hotel room

Khatulistiwa ('Equator' in Malay) Restaurant & Bar at Waterfront

X marks the spot: the Celcom X Pax booth at Sarawak Cultural Village with native street performers

Caitlin's 'kuching' (cats)

Bored kid awaiting 'bore-ding' on one-hour-delayed flight

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