Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Caitlin's primary school

Yesterday, we received the official letter from the Education Ministry about Caitlin's placement in primary school next year. We did not get the Chinese school of our choice which is a 'good' school located quite near our current home. Instead we have been given a school that is much further away in Brickfields.

We are not keen on that school as it means longer travel time and probably the pain of traffic during school and office peak hours. The other reason is also that following our application for enrolment in March last year, we had purchased a home which we plan to move into end this year that will make it even further from the Brickfields school.

So now we have to start all over again so to speak and look for schools nearer to the new home. The Malaysian school enrolment system sucks in my opinion.

I have till 28th August to get this settled. Checking out new alternatives -- probably visiting the schools, sussing out the quality of teaching staff and type of kids that go there and hopefully being able to meet the Headmaster/mistress will take up time....

Sigh, so many things to consider and do in such a short period. We did not prefer 'Kebangsaan' (national-type, Malay language) schools for Caitlin, especially when those around our area are not up to standard and we'd like to expose Caitlin to a Chinese-speaking and learning environment for starters. There are pros and cons to both types of schools.

For non-Mandarin speaking people like us, we are caught in between. The easy way out could be private schools but they cost two arms and two legs. Private schools however also have their advantages and disadvantages. Alternatively, there's always homeschooling which I think is a good choice but I don't have the courage for it....

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