Thursday, July 17, 2008


An attempt to help Caitlin be aware of the responsibility involved in having a pet dog.

Scene: While unlocking the front door upon arrival home from our holiday in Kuching.

Me: Hey, we've not fed our goldfish for three days. I hope they're ok. Next time if we have a dog, who's going to take care of it if we go on holiday?

Caitlin: We need a maid. She can take care of it.

Me: But sometimes, the maid needs a holiday too and she might come along with us. Then how?

Caitlin: We have two maids-lah!

An attempt to get Caitlin to wash up and change into her pyjamas before she watches Kung Fu Panda.

Me: Let's wash up and change first so that you can watch the movie without being interrupted later. You might miss some parts later if I tell you to wash up later while the movie is on.

Caitlin: No, I'll watch it now. I can PAUSE the movie later if you ask me to go and wash up and change. Then I won't miss.

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