Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My grandma

My maternal grandmother is the only grandparent I now have. She is 89 and has been pretty hale and hearty all these years. She's only been a little slow in movement and frail in physique due to her age the past few years. Lately, she's fallen a few times but did not suffer any major injuries.

Last weekend, she had a fever followed by diarrhoea. As she didn't feel well, my uncle (one of her sons) took her to the hospital. Yesterday, they found a mass in her colon and she is scheduled for surgery today to remove it.

I hope and pray she will be all right.

I still remember back in the day when I was a schoolgirl in Melaka. Sunday lunch was a weekly affair at Por Por's home (that's what I call her, 'grandma' in our Chinese Hakka dialect). All her children and their families would gather and enjoy the sumptuous dishes she cooked, especially the traditional Hakka ones.

October 2007 - Por Por with my nephew Ryan, her youngest great grandchild then.

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