Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A little holiday

This morning, at breakfast, a conversation at the dining table took place.

Caitlin: Mum, would you like a little holiday?

Me: Yes, of course! (thinking that she was going to suggest a weekend trip)

Caitlin: How about you stay home today, and daddy will send me to school. Then you can come and fetch me when school is over.

Me: Ohhh, that's the holiday?!

Caitlin: Yes, then you get a day's break.

Me: Aah, that's a day's break for me. Okay, thank you.

So innocently sweet. I was not disappointed that she didn't suggest a real holiday. As she left with daddy, she hugged, said many goodbyes, waved and blew me a kiss.

All the welling stress of rushing her to finish her breakfast and be ready for school (she's very slow in getting ready and late for school often, even today) has dissipated somewhat...

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