Monday, June 23, 2008

Abscess, Euro 2008 and writing

It was a busy week last week. The 'highlight' was Caitlin's follow-up visit to the dentist to repair an infected filling in one of her molars. The earlier filling somehow did not work properly and it became infected, creating an abscess in the tooth and gum. She had complained of pain in her gum two weeks ago and upon checking, I saw the swelling, took her to the dentist and got some antibiotic.

The first treatment involved cleaning up the re-opened cavity and placing a temporary filling. The following week, the temporary filling was replaced with a permanent one so that her milk-molar can last till it falls out when she's around 10. Upon checking her other teeth, the dentist found another cavity so that was done up too.

As usual, she is cool about going to the dentist so there was no problem. The only thing was the unexpected expense it created.

This week's highlight would be Caitlin's trip with her school to the Sunway Petting Zoo, in line with this month's 'Animal' theme at school.

As for Eugene, he's been burning the midnight oil...watching the Euro Cup! He stayed up Saturday night watching TV and waiting for the quarter-finals to start, ending his TV marathon around 5am Sunday.

And me? I'm behind in stockpiling some articles for the local daily I've been writing for since April...

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