Monday, June 30, 2008

The day is almost done

This is 'part two' of my day thus far (see post below for 'part one'). The repairmen came. The pump that helps drain the water from the washer has given up after ten years. The new part is available and hopefully can be installed tomorrow late afternoon.

After almost two hours of cleaning up the mess (again) and washing and wringing all the clothes by hand, I'm back here nursing built-up gastric juices and raw, itchy fingers. I feel a backache coming and some joints are starting to remind me of my age, and probably my state of general health due to lack of exercise and strict healthy diet.

It's time now to cook dinner. So for the record, this is how I spent the day in the very middle of the year 2008. Tomorrow will be 1st July, the beginning of the second half of the year. May it be much better.

I'm thankful for my patience and perseverance thus far, and am reminded of less fortunate people who don't have washers, dryers, or enough food to feed their babies, so on and so forth.

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