Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chinamen and their trophy wives

I may be generalising here. I don't understand some Chinese men, especially those chinaman-type of businessmen who think their wives are their 'trophy wives'. They don't allow their wives to do anything except paint their nails, flaunt their jewellery, wear designer stuff, have dim sum and go shopping, play mahjong with other similar wives. Or stay at home with the kids and be a 'good wife and mother'.

Good for those bimbos who enjoy doing that and spending their husbands money (although I sometimes wish I could be a 'tai tai' like that!). But I pity the intelligent, educated ones who want to do their own thing, earn their own money, and be independent.

These men think that if they let their wife out, especially to work, it reflects badly on them, that they lose face/respect and others will think him incapable of providing for her and the family. Some don't even allow them to do any part-time work or pursue their interests at all.

I'm not a hardcore feminist but I think women have a right to do as they please and contribute to society. I can't stand seeing women's talents go to waste simply because they have to be trophy wives.

I'm referring to chinamen in my culture because I'm not sure if men of other cultures are like this, although I know there are trophy wives in other cultures too. But it appears to me that most of these wives especially in the western world, choose and enjoy being so, instead of being 'forced' like some of the chinaman ones.

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