Monday, June 30, 2008

A bad Monday

It's a day about my allergy, a rat and my washing machine.

The allergy terrorising my fingers flared up last night and I've got very itchy fingers today. Itchy fingers make me irritable.

As I walked out of the lift returning from sending Caitlin to school, the daily cleaner of my apartment block exclaimed and pointed out the scurrying rat around the gate of my unit. She chased it with her broom but it escaped. I'm glad it did not enter my home through the window while I was out. Now all my windows are close. I've complained to the building management guy. He said the pest control guys came just last week so he said he'll call them again.

We've been facing pest problems lately. There are more mosquitoes due to a construction project in front of my balcony. The green lung which was probably home to the mosquitoes is now a dusty, machinery-filled construction plot. So I guess the mosquitoes have flown up to find refuge (and food!) in our homes. We have donated quite some blood to these creatures of late. Some workers are also living in makeshift cabins in the construction plot. I guess that also contributes to the rats being around. This is the first time I'm facing pest problems since living here for 10 years.

I washed today's laundry almost three times today and it's still not done. My 10-year-old washer has decided to rebel. I wasn't aware it didn't drain and spin. It ended the cycle so I happily opened the door and the water gushed out. Wipe, mop, clean.... I was hoping it was just cranky so I tried a second time. While I was out fetching Caitlin, it ended the cycle so I couldn't tell if it drained and spinned. Because it was a full load, it wasn't noticeable whether water was still inside. Opened the door and again, flood waters, wipe, mop, clean. Opened the drain filter to see if it was clogged -- just some lint/fiber. Cleaned it, checked the outlet hose, started the machine one more time. Monitored the outlet hose, no water coming out. Turned the machine off. Called a repairman to troubleshoot. Hope he'll come in half hour's time as he said he would. My laundry is still sitting in the machine. I will open it only when the guy comes.

After all the wiping, mopping, cleaning, my fingers are anything but better. In between the wiping, mopping, cleaning and troubleshooting, the phone rang, Caitlin refused to help me answer it because the TV was more important. And her lunch was getting cold because TV made her forget to eat....and she is still watching now after I managed to stuff into her whatever was left of her lunch.

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