Monday, June 9, 2008

Back to routine

The school break is over and Caitlin has gone back to school today. We're back to the normal routine of school and extra classes.

She spent the past two weeks happily watching lots of TV, playing and reading. I was more generous in dishing out new books from my secret stash for her to read. I did not try too hard to get her to do revision (especially Mandarin) and I figured she needed a break from the normal routine. I was hoping she could practise more of her piano and drums but that didn't happen either.

We got some exercise by going swimming and yesterday, she suggested that we go to the park across the road from our place. She insisted on bringing her scooter and rode it for awhile. Eugene ended up carrying or pushing it most of the time we were there.

Seeing others jogging, she started to jog a bit too. Then we fed bread to the sparrows, turtles and fish in the pond. Before heading home, we tried a few of the exercise equipment. We should do this more often.

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