Monday, May 19, 2008

Tidy up!

When Caitlin plays with her toys, it is usually a nightmare for me. She usually starts with some and then moves on to others and as time passes, the whole play area will be strewn with toys, some just thrown about, some arranged in a particular order based on her imagination and 'script'.

I always remind her that she needs to tidy up after she plays and return the toys to the boxes or compartments where they belong. Otherwise, her toys will get all mixed up and the next time she wants a particular one, she may not be able to find it (that has happened countless times and guess who ends up rummaging through her toys to look for Pinky Pie, one of the Little Ponies?)

One evening, she started telling me a story. She sometimes creates stories of her own and I would write them down in a dedicated notebook and later in a blog called Caitlin's Stories. I had forgotten where I kept the notebook (it had been sometime since her last story) and in passing asked her if she knew where I had placed it.

"See, you didn't tidy up and put it back where it belongs so now you can't find it" came her reply....

Geez, my own medicine didn't taste good at all, and trust my smarty-mouth princess(what we Malaysians call 'loyar buruk' or 'lawyer wannabe') to come up with that!

We mothers do have loads of such stories about our kids. Some are funny, touching, embarrassing, great or not-so-great moments, as how The Mom with Brownies puts it. You can read about others' experiences in motherhood here.

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That was cute. I posted it! :-)

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