Friday, May 23, 2008

School break

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The two-week mid-term school break starts tomorrow. This means I'll have Caitlin with me 24/7 for two weeks and I will not have the mornings to myself. However, her mandarin and music lessons are still on so it means I'll still have some sending and fetching to do.

In the past, I used to plan and make sure I have some enrichment activities lined up for her to make sure her time at home is well-spent. This time around, I have not and am tempted to just leave her to her own devices! I'm too lazy and tired but who knows, maybe I'd feel guilty and whip up some activities on the fly...

I think modern parents take parenting too seriously at times. The competitive spirit starts from as early as when the kids are in preschool. Parents send their kids to all sorts of enrichment activities to boost their knowledge and abilities, leaving the kids little time for free play. And if they don't, they constantly feel the pressure to do so, fearing that their kids may not be at par with others. The cycle is vicious.

It's great if you can afford it as these enrichment classes are not cheap at all. You can leave the tutoring of your children in others' hands and not face the challenge of having to teach them yourself. Kids tend to listen to people other than their parents more easily it appears. However, if you can't afford it or if paying others to teach your children is not feasible somehow, then you'll just have to be content with whatever you think you can do best i.e. teach them yourself, limit the number of activities or not provide them with such activities at all.

Parents who homeschool their kids are really brave. I admire their courage to take the plunge and educate their children themselves so to speak.

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