Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pictures of kids

Nothing is a better remedy for a sad or depressed soul than to just look at cute, sweet, comical, adorable pictures of kids, especially your own child(ren), nieces, nephews, god-children, children of friends you are close to.

Their chubby faces, toothless smiles, dribbly pouts, wide grins that make their eyes squint, funny poses etc can just melt those blues away.

I guess not everyone finds comfort from looking at kids' pictures when they are down; especially not those who are single, married without kids, or not interested in kids I think.

Other forms of 'therapy' could be chilling out with friends, binging on a fave food, audio (blasting the stereo) or visual (getting 'lost' in the TV) therapy, retail therapy (shop till you drop), reading, meditation, prayer, yoga, exercise, drinking (this is a bad one), drugs (this is a really bad one), hypnosis, psychiatric or psychological help, counseling, support groups, extreme sports,.... or you can choose to just sit there and mope.

Kids are ultimately a joy to have, to be around, to experience, despite all the challenges that come with the package - well..., for me at least. I'll try to remember this when I pick up Caitlin from school and continue with today's routine with her.

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