Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My loving child

Since Caitlin learnt to write, I've been getting so many love 'letters' so consistently and frequently for the first time in my life (no one, not even the person I married can come anywhere close!).

It feels nice to know my lovely child, as precocious, mischievous and stubborn as she may be, is so free and generous with her love and expression of it. Almost on a daily basis, I receive handwritten notes and pictures on scraps of paper or in her numerous notebooks professing her love for me. Most times, they are "I love you mum" with an outline of a heart or drawings of flowers or butterflies.

Today (or rather last night since it's now past midnight), while checking in on her doing her homework, I caught her just finishing another love note for me. She had yet to start her homework. As usual she gets distracted by other stuff around her (and they are just stationery on her desk!). Of course, when I saw the note, my heart melted and the earlier intention of nagging at her to complete her work melted away. This is what she wrote.

A child's love is just so pure, innocent and unconditional. If they love you, they truly love you, unlike adults whose love could be guarded, conditional and 'tainted'.

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