Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My first major rant in my blog!

Sometimes I wish I could live in isolation. I'm TIRED of having to manage external influence, especially those that I feel Caitlin does not need for the time being; too much TV, toys and entertainment-related stuff which distracts us from our priorities. Kids tend to get very excited and passionate about something which interests them and they have not learnt how to practise restraint so it's up to the parents to draw the line. That's the hard part.

She goes to school and sees something her friend has. She gets excited and demands for it. She sees other kids with some fancy toy, she wants it. She watches TV and some junk food commercial comes on. Guess what happens the next time she sees that item when we are at the grocery store. She sees other kids crazy about Winx Club, Pokemon, Gameboy, Nintendo, she wants them....We explain to her that she cannot always get what she wants. Not all parents can afford a Playstation or Nintendo, whether it is an 'educational' tool or not.

Sometimes, I think kids are too spoilt nowadays. And parents, including myself, are to blame. We love our kids too much. We find it hard to practise tough love. We give in at the slightest tear, whine or pleading. We rationalise that they deserve it, that it does help in their development, so on and so forth.

It's worse in the city where you're spoilt for choice, and when you have higher disposable income, and if you're a shopaholic. I remember the bookstores I knew back in my day was one located on the ground floor of a double-storey shoplot. The only children's books they had were Enid Blyton's Secret Seven, Famous Five, and Trixie Belden's can't-remember-the-title adventure series. Now, bookstores are megastores with thousands of squarefeet of floor space, a sprawling chidlren's section complete with reading corner, TV and video player, rows and rows of all sorts of books and titles.

Ok, I'd better stop ranting before I get more wrinkles. I've still a long way to go when it comes to the parenting journey. What I'm experiencing now is just the 'abridged' version. Peer pressure in its full glory is just lurking around the corner with smoking, drugs, sex, 'lepak' culture, chatrooms, you name it. Well, such is life that I have no choice but to live with what comes my way, be patient, plod on and continue MANAGING.

Urgh, I hate that word - MANAGING. And another word I hate today is POKEMON!

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