Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

In times like these, I've wondered why we set aside one particular day to celebrate something. Take yesterday for instance, i.e Mother's Day. I guess we humans are forgetful creatures and we take things and people for granted a lot of times. Therefore, it is necessary that we make it a point to remember and appreciate a person or commemorate an event at least one day in a year.

Mother's Day came and went yesterday. It started out like any other day for me. I'm a mother everyday so what's the difference? I wasn't expecting anything special (as they say, best not to expect lest you get disappointed!) It's only 'different' when others celebrate your motherhood and appreciate your contribution as a mother. That's when entrepreneurial minds take advantage and commercialise the day (and other days like Christmas) -- flowers, gifts, Mother's Day lunch and dinner buffets at restaurants/hotels, promos at retail outlets etc, to make you spend extra $$$. But that's another topic to talk about.

So as the day progressed, I received wishes from friends, mostly mothers, two fathers, and one single lady. They were all via SMS. It just goes to show how technology has taken over our lives!

I received two messages which were pretty similar and it went like this: "Nothing compares to a mum's love. She looks with her heart and feels with her eyes. A mum is the bank where her children deposit all their worries and hurt. A mum is the cement that keeps her family together and her love lasts a lifetime. Happy Mother's Day!"

Caitlin's school celebrated it on Friday by inviting mums to join in the activities they had planned. Mums were given a piece of white cloth each and with help from their kids, turned the cloth into funky tie-dye scarves. We also had some fun with tattoo-ing designs on the back of our hands using henna.

This is the scarf Caitlin and I made.

And later when she got home from school, I got a card from her too.

Happy Mother's Day to all mums (sorry, one day late!).

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