Friday, May 30, 2008

It's Friday already?

Time flies during the school holidays. I just realised I have not posted since Tuesday. My computer time has reduced this week in general with Caitlin at home. Today, she had a school friend over for a play date.

Her friend was to be here for three hours but just 20 minutes before her mum came to get her, I asked if they wanted dinner (it was almost dinner time)and she eagerly said 'yes'. So I served them dinner. They beat their own eggs for an omelette each and ate up the steamed fish, mushrooms and carrots (they avoided the celery!), egg and soup. Caitlin's friend is a good eater and asked for second helping of everything (except the omelette). I've yet to come across a child other than Caitlin who is a small and slow eater....

Her mum arrived while they were halfway through their meal and after they finished, the girl asked to play for a little longer. So I chatted with her mum. When they really had to leave, she refused. A few failed suggestions and persuasion later, we ended up agreeing to another play date tomorrow. And we're going swimming. She had actually asked to go swimming tonight....

They were quite manageable today except for the few little moments of wanting the same things, like the only pink rose on the cake at tea time, and the only pair of pink cutlery and a Disney Princess mug at dinner time (luckily I had two of the same Sesame Street dinner plates!). Then the opposite was also problematic. Caitlin wanted to read and did not want to play with her friend who wanted to play cooking, Caitlin played VSmile while her friend wanted her to play cooking again....

They also took turns to practise the piano for a while and did some art and craft.

It's going to be a longer play date tomorrow as her friend will be arriving first thing in the morning and leaving only after lunch. It looks like another long day for me tomorrow with probably zero computer time.

I sure hope Eugene will be able to stick around tomorrow. One adult with two water-loving girls at the pool sounds like a daring attempt.

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