Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Husband/father vs dishwasher

Eugene will be away in Borneo this weekend for work. I told Caitlin about it and this was her reaction: "Who's gonna wash the dishes?". No "I'll miss him, blah blah blah...". Eugene normally does the dishes every night because I'm allergic to soaps. So I told her I'll have to do them myself and she asked "What if your hands get itchy?". "I'll have to wear gloves" I said. Then she went back to playing in her imaginary world, talking to herself and her toys.

Maybe I should think of getting a dishwasher, the machine that all Americans rely on to do their dishes. It's such an American thing to me. Not that the American way is not good (although I think some elements have been so 'idolised' especially by Asians that it gets under my skin). But I think it's not too green, the dishwasher I mean. It uses more water and energy than necessary, and our family is a very small one...And I'm already being un-earth friendly using a dryer for our laundry because we live in a high-rise with hardly any space for outdoor drying.

It doesn't make sense too financially as a dishwasher is not a cheap item over here. I'd rather save the money for a holiday. I've not been on a REAL one since our last holiday sans kid six and a half years ago. A holiday with a kid and without one is just not the same. With a kid, you only do things that the kid enjoys, and when you don't, you tend to feel guilty. How did time fly? Certainly not on an airplane, speaking of which I've not been on one since then. Horrors! I don't even know what the security restrictions are now since 9-11. I guess it's the trade-off for leaving a steady income to be a SAHM. Ahh, now I know why they call us SAHMs...I view the term Stay-at-home with new light now!

The current low-cost airlines' fares battle between MAS and Air Asia doesn't mean a thing to me. Air Asia's "Now everyone can fly" tagline is still a dream for me although I always wonder if the maintenance of their planes is as up to par as they claim.

Going back to the dishwasher matter, do you think machines can replace a husband/father? ha ha...I don't think I can replace Eugene with a machine. If that happens, I'll have to find an alternative source of income!

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