Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This picture is from an online photo gallery, Barbadosphotogallery.com

Here I go, dreaming of travels to faraway places again. The Carribean has always fascinated me. There's a lot I don't know about it, the landscape, scenery, culture, food and music of the many and varied islands and that's what intrigues me. The little I have read and seen in magazines and travel shows makes me dream of going there to experience everything. And a Carribean cruise would be most splendid.

Today, I choose to visit Barbados. Google has turned up many sites to check out and I chose the official site of the Barbados Tourism Authority. I just got lost in this site, checking out the various attractions.

Barbados is a honeymooner's paradise according to Barbados.org It says: The latest honour comes from UK travel website Expedia.co.uk which selected Barbados as its #2 pick for "Top 10 Honeymoon trips". So what makes our island a lovers paradise? Barbados is an island of song, dancing to the rhythms of the Caribbean and resting in the tranquil music of the wind and waves, serenading lovers in their hideaways. The natural beauty of the island beckons all seeking a romantic escape! Here you can get married on a boat, in a church, in an elegant plantation home, under the cool shade of a flamboyant tree, by sea cliffs or soft sand beaches.

Sigh...just imagine the ambience, the romantic setting...

Ok, wake up Anna! Back to reality...otherwise readers of this blog will think I'm too free with nothing to do! Sob, sob. I hope to go to as many beach destinations around the world before I die. I love beaches, a wonderful creation to behold.

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