Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A thrilling weekend for Caitlin

Caitlin had been wondering what Genting Highlands is like for some time already. I don't remember how she came to know about this place but I remember telling her it is up in the mountains and cold. She asked once if it has snow. Coincidentally, I had some points from my credit card to redeem and had enough for a one-night stay in a hotel there.

I received the voucher last month and two weeks ago, I found some time to get online to make a reservation. For one week, after I mentioned that we were going, Caitlin had been eagerly anticipating her trip to Genting. So off we drove up the slightly windy-but-good road up to the highlands. I haven't been there for more than 10 years. And the last time Eugene was up there, it was for work in 2002. He had to rush down sometime after midnight after receiving a call that I was at the hospital going into labour!

As we were ascending higher, the cool mist was visible and getting thicker. Caitlin was thrilled at the sight of the tropical rainforest mountains covered in mist. "Wow, my breath is taken away. It's so exciting" were her exact words. I was surprised she knows the phrase "breath taken away"!

As we arrived too early for check-in, we headed straight to the indoor theme park to get our all-day, all-park tickets. Genting Highlands has two indoor theme parks and one outdoor park. Caitlin had a full-day of fun going on all the rides she qualified for i.e. the ones that she was not too short or too tall for. It rained a bit later in the afternoon after we managed to get on a few outdoor thrill rides, the most exhilarating for Caitlin being the Fire Dragon mini rollercoaster. We took the opportunity to head back to the hotel to check in and Caitlin recharged with a nap.

Caitlin feeding the carps at the outdoor park.

She woke just in time for us to get a few more rides indoors and visit the Snow House before getting dinner. Yes, she finally got a chance to experience snow (although it was in a simulated environment!) and was highly excited. I was freezing despite the winter wear they provided.

Genting Highlands has changed quite a bit since I last visited. There are a lot more rides, a few more hotels, complete with a big mall with lots of retail shops and eateries. Food wise, there are plenty of choices. Price wise however, they are exorbitant and nothing to shout about taste wise.

Eugene with a reluctant Caitlin (Let's not waste time with the camera... I want more rides....)

We also went on the cable car for a view of the tops of the rainforest canopy after checking out of the room. Caitlin was reluctant to leave as she wanted to ride the Pirate Train again. To make up for it, we allowed her to play a few arcade games before grabbing lunch and getting into the car to head home.

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