Monday, April 21, 2008

The Pursuit of Happyness

I was surfing channels last night and came to this Will Smith movie which had just started (I normally won't watch any movie that's midway through). I had heard about it before so I decided to watch it. It's titled 'The Pursuit of Happyness'. For background info and also why 'happiness' is spelt with a 'y', see here.

Without analysing the movie too much, my take-away when the end credits started rolling was yet another reminder that with faith, love and determination, we can achieve our dreams. It is based on a true story of Chris Gardner, his wife and son who faced financial problems, eviction, homelessness, broken short life had dealt him blow after blow of hardship. Chris's wife left him and with no home, no income or savings, he trudged on, working as an intern (no salary) while trying hard to make some money as a salesman, dragging his son along, sleeping in trains, buses, public toilets, and shelters for the homeless. It was very heartbreaking to see a father and his five-year-old son struggling that way, the sacrifices a parent would make for his child.

The idea that faith, love and determination can help overcome life's trials has been 'sold' so much in inspirational/motivational material that it had became rather cliched to me... until this movie came along last night; mainly because it's a true story.

Instead of complaining of my lot, I should count my blessings. And ironically, this other cliched saying came to mind: when life gives you lemons,... (you know what to do)....or do I really? How about you?

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