Monday, April 7, 2008


ACE went for a swim yesterday after returning from an enjoyable time at the Disney on Ice show and a dim sum lunch. In between playing and 'racing' with Caitlin, I floated on my back for a couple of minutes, closed my eyes, relaxed and cleared my mind. When I opened my eyes, I saw the vast blue sky above me, dotted with big white clouds. I felt so small and these were my thoughts:

No matter who you are, you are only a little speck in the universe. Whether you are a ruler of a country, a successful entrepreneur, an accomplished singer or hold a string of paper qualifications, who are you in the eyes of God, or the universe? From what perspective do we see ourselves and others? Should we compare ourselves with others? Should we be prideful or self-righteous when we think we are better than others? Should we feel depressed and bemoan our misfortune when we think others are happier?

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