Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Caitlin's version of personal hygiene

What prompted me to write about this is a short conversation between Caitlin and me about a half hour ago when we had just stepped out of the house for Mandarin class. It went like this:

Me: Oops, we forgot to wipe your mouth after lunch.
Caitlin: Never mind, I'll just lick it.

This is not the only time for such incidences. We make a conscious effort since she was born to ensure she is as clean as possible at all times, and that she learns some personal hygiene. Somehow, adherence to such rules and instructions has eluded her attention. Other such incidences include:

To clean sticky or wet hands - wipe on mummy's shirt or shorts
To clean dirty mouth - wipe on t-shirt front or sleeve or wrist
When food (especially fave one) drops on floor - pick up and eat
When having toys or anything in hand (especially when watching TV) - put into mouth, bite
When feeling 'helpful' at home or at other people's home - lie on the floor/carpet and start 'mopping'

Please tell me my kid is not the only one doing such things!

On the brighter side, I'm glad she knows how to brush her teeth, wash her hands after using the toilet, and blow her nose with a tissue when it is runny....

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