Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Parenting frustrations

My five-going-on-six year old daughter still uses the potty at times. Most times, it happens when she cannot bear to leave an exciting show on TV and sneaks to use it in front of the TV when I'm not looking. She just did it but this time, the tissue that she used to wipe herself did not come out in one piece. The pieces in that pack somehow could not detach themselves properly and she ended up leaving a big (and I mean huge) heap of tissues in the potty, much to my @#$*!!

Now my toilet bowl is a little clogged and cannot flush properly. I had to pick up the tissues out of the bowl and dump them in the dustbin...

I'm banning the potty from now on. Gotta go look for a good place to hide it now. Grrrr.....

Life's certainly like this sometimes if you are a parent.

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