Thursday, April 17, 2008

Increasing food price

There has been loads of news coverage lately on the global food crisis - increasing food prices, shortage of food like rice - and consumers have started to feel the pinch. Food riots have broken out in some countries.

Today, I bought a loaf of bread which costs RM3. Yesterday, it cost RM2.70. Last year, the same loaf of bread cost RM2.40.

A bowl of noodles from a hawker stall nearby cost RM3 last year. Early this year, it went up to RM3.50. Yesterday, it increased another 30 sen, costing me RM3.80. Everything is costing more now....

In Malaysia, employees' wages have not increased much over the years to keep up with the increasing prices of basic necessities like fuel and food.

How will the low-income families with eight mouths to feed survive? How will one-income families who are average earners cope with the demands of a growing family?

Those who still can live comfortably in such times ought to count their blessings and be more giving to help those in need.

As for ACE, it's a time of contemplation on how to save and/or increase our income. It's a challenge when we are currently living on one fixed income with a growing child with so much developmental needs and wants, and a new home we'd like to move into later this year....

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