Thursday, April 17, 2008


This picture was taken on Monday, just before Caitlin went for her drum lesson. The lei is a souvenir she got from the Disney on Ice show we went to a few weeks ago. She got her dream 'high heel' slippers after a 'tussle' with me in a departmental store last month.

This girl is five going on six later this year but already 16 since last year. I can't dictate what she wears or doesn't wear, how her hair is tied and what accessories she puts on her hair and body. She sometimes chases me out of the room and closes the door to do her 'stuff'. Ten or 15 minutes later, she emerges all dolled up.

She refuses to wear shorts and baggy t-shirts, only skirts and fitting t-shirts/blouses, dresses and certain long pants at times.

I hope this is just a passing phase....I doubt I'll be able to deal with tattoos, heavy make-up, body piercing, outrageous clothes, hairdo or jewellery when she really turns 16. Or do they start much younger at maybe 12 these days??

Finding a balance between allowing freedom of choice/decision/independence/creativity, and maintaining some level of control/discipline in bringing up our kids is not an easy task. Where do you draw the line, when do you put your foot down and say 'no', when do you restrict and when do you let go?

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