Thursday, April 3, 2008

Electro-smog: The Invisible Intruder

While the evolution of technology has provided us with amazing gadgets for our convenience, are you aware, (and if you are, are you taking it seriously?) that electronic gadgets emit electromagnetic fields (EMF) that could pose a danger to your health with frequent and prolonged use?

For some of us, owning several latest state-of-the-art mobile phones, hanging out at some coffee joint with WiFi and laptops on our laps or on the table (at level with our vital organs like kidneys, reproductive organs, heart!), cooking and re-heating food with microwave ovens, seem to be the 'coolest' things to do.

There have been tons of email circulating information and warnings about excessive usage of these things and how they can harm you. Some are true and some could be hoaxes (One must know how to tell the difference these days with online info being so widely used and abused).

But it is true that EMF (or plainly known as e-smog)poses a health risk. This article here provides some facts and tips on how to reduce your exposure to e-smog.

The article states: In September 2007, the EU's European Environment Agency (EEA)and the country of Germany both issued warnings to their citizens advising them to avoid the use of WiFi and cell phones until further long term studies are conducted, citing fears that the ubiquitous use of wireless technology has the potential to become the next public health disaster on the level of tobacco smoking, asbestos, and lead in automobile gas.

It also cites a real case of someone who has been affected: Hayley (pseudonym) spent many years in front of a computer and is now so electrically sensitive she cannot be around microwaves, air conditioners, cell phones, or airports without experiencing distressful cardiac and neurological symptoms.

Having witnessed several demonstrations on how a scalar energy device reduces e-smog emitted from mobile phones, I would advise that you do not hang your phone around your neck, put it in your front or back pants pocket, or anywhere near your body for too long. There are of course many other factors that contribute to ill health but does that mean we should allow another, e-smog in particular, to join these 'bad boys'?

As they say, prevention is better than cure. You could be at risk more than you realise it.

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