Saturday, April 26, 2008

A blogging father

Many mothers have taken to blogging for various reasons. Some blog to earn a living from home, to keep friends and family updated about their family and life, or they just simply love to write and establish an online presence. What about fathers?

In my one year's exposure to the blogging world, I have come across fewer men compared to women who blog in much detail about their kids and family. I think it's generally a 'male' thing. Men prefer to talk about work, men's stuff like cars, DIY projects, golf, football or politics. So when I do come across a site by a guy who writes about stuff like what infant formula his newborn prefers, and shows beautiful pictures of his kids and what they are doing, I stop in my tracks for a moment.

Eaglehawk is one such guy. In his 'about' section, he says by day, he fights spammers and by night he is Eaglehawk! He is 27, married with two beautiful girls. He currently lives in Cypress, Texas and has a site that shares interesting trivia, stories about his life as a daddy, his family and kids.

Most of his posts are easy to read, just short enough for a quick read while providing you with some info to get you interested to find out more. Take for example one of his posts titled 'I Do Not Feel This Old', which lets you find out what generation you belong in. He provides the link to a short five-question survey.

I think it's great for men to share their take about parenting, stories about their little kids and daily things in their lives as fathers. Looking at things from the male's perspective could be quite refreshing at times.


venus said...

Hi, I took this guys Opp and have yet to be reciprocated - what about you?
I feel like deleting the review as I did it a week ago and have not been blogged-back yet.

Anna said...

Hi Venus, I've also yet to be reciprocated and I wrote mine 2 days before you. I guess he is probably not making an effort to keep his word since I notice he's been writing posts in his blog pretty frequently.

Rome Mele said...

Hi anna
Has he reciprocated yet. Even i had thought of reviewing his blog but wanted to get it crosschecked with yours first.
But i see you're keen about getting blog reviewed.
Let me know if you're interested in exchanging blog reviews. I will post in yours and so could you... Exchange links ?
Comment me in my blog, if you're interested.

Anna said...

Hi Venus & Rome, I finally got a reply from him. It seems he was out of town and his wife has been posting on his behalf and he didn't see any point in teaching her to login to SocialSpark about his opp. He told me he's reciprocate by the 15th.

Anonymous said...

post is up, sorry for the delay.