Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Animals and lack of music practice

I grew up with many dogs thanks to my dad who also loves dogs and other animals. I was surrounded by dogs, fish, tortoises, turtles, birds, chick(en)s, geese,
duck(ling)s, a kid (the goat version!), a monkey...and a big fat python, at various times of my childhood. My father lived and worked in rubber/oil palm plantations and the houses we lived in in various parts of southern Peninsular Malaysia came with vast open gardens which allowed us hobbies of keeping pets, planting flowering and fruiting trees and plants (another of dad's interest).

So it could probably be 'in the genes' that Caitlin also loves animals, especially dogs, and flowers. She has been pestering for a dog for a long time and we've told her to be patient as condominium living in this country prohibits animals, especially dogs. She keeps asking when we are moving to our house so that we could get a dog. She's also asked if we could plant roses in the garden, so that it could attract caterpillars which can turn into butterflies....

She can talk till the cows come home (Ha! Pretty appropriate phrase to use!) and ask loads of questions about dogs or other animals which she has thought of, read about or seen on television.

I showed her some old photos of our dogs once and she had questions of their breed, names, age, what they were doing in the photo, etc.

A few of our dogs

with my younger bro

and the little kid

She says when she grows up she wants to be a veterinarian. And most times, when she plays with her toy animals, they end up being sick, needing plasters and bandages, and hospitalisation. Sometimes we have to be her (the vet) nurse to assist in medical examination or surgery while other times it's vice versa. She even created a contraption once on her own to give the patient an intravenous drip and the resemblance to the real thing was near perfect.

Sigh, I sometimes wish this kid of mine could have such deep focus on other interests of hers, for e.g., playing the piano and drums. She loves them (she had asked for them herself in the first place) and dreams of being a great performer and in her own words, a 'diva', when she grows up (besides being a vet). But...'practice' is not in her vocab.

Oh well, I guess I shouldn't expect or pressure her too much. She is still very young after all and still enjoys playing with her toys and reading her storybooks.

Now, I wonder what her teacher will say this evening when she is not able to play the piece she was to have practised the past week....

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