Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yummy egg tarts

I love egg tarts. In Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur especially, nothing beats the famous and established Tong Kee egg tarts. Their main outlet is located in Petaling Street (Chinatown) but in recent years, they've set up branch outlets. Their melt-in-your-mouth tarts of smooth egg custard in flaky pastry became more accessible to me when they were sold in the Jusco supermarket (non-halal) section in Mid Valley mall and also in the Sri Petaling shoplots area near where I live. The pastry is extra tasty because they use lard to make it.

Since Pavilion (one of KL's latest upmarket malls in the heart of the city) opened, another egg tart player, John King, has emerged. John King is said to originate from Hong Kong, established since 1965 according to its logo. Located in the Food Republic foodcourt, it offers a few varieties - the normal egg tart, egg white tart (for the health conscious I guess), and durian tart. It also sells other pastries like chicken pie, "siew pao" and "lou phor peng". I've tasted their normal egg tart and it's really good. They get sold out pretty fast so if you want to get some, especially on weekends, you need to go early.

John King's egg tart

Then there's the Portuguese egg tart; what Macau is famous for. I normally get my Portuguese egg tart fix from King's Confectionary since I don't know any better ones...

King's Portuguese egg tart

I think when and if ever I do get an oven for my kitchen, the egg tart would be among the first of yummies I'd try to make!

Meanwhile, I'm happy now for the convenience of getting my supply from Tong Kee and King's, both of which are located in Sri Petaling, and if I happen to be in Pavilion, I might just try my luck with John King again to check out their egg white and durian version.

Speaking of durian tarts, there's another place famous for it. It's Sri Karak Restaurant in PJ New Town. They sell lots of durian-based food like the tarts, cake, ice cream and what they call the durian 'bomb', a durian-filled pastry which looks very much like the yam-filled Chinese dim sum called "woo kok".

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