Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Moving to a new home

Sometime in the middle of this year, we plan to move into our new home and I can foresee the work involved once we receive the keys from the developer: checking for defects, rectification if any, shopping and installing the necessary fittings, packing, moving and unpacking. We do not plan to do any renovation since the house is brand new and we are pleased with the design. We might just need to paint a few walls to the colours of our choice and definitely Caitlin's room which she has already specified to be pink in colour....

The house should be ready by end of this month so I guess we should start making a checklist of things we need to look into and set the budget. I shall be surfing the Internet once again for checklists and tips. I used to be quite a 'pro' when it came to moving, especially during my campus days, when we had to move our stuff out every semester break. Then in my early working days of renting rooms and apartments, moving was still pretty easy since I had only myself and my own things. It's been nine years since I last moved. And in those nine years, I've accummulated lots of stuff, one husband (and lots more of HIS stuff!) plus one kid (and lots, lots more of HER stuff!!).

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