Friday, March 21, 2008

Formula 1 weekend...again.

This Easter weekend is also Formula One weekend. Again, I will be a F1 race widow... All the menfolk in my family (Eugene, dad-in-law, bro-in-law, dad and younger bro) will be at the Sepang race circuit for their annual ritual of making themselves deaf.

This year marks the tenth year of F1 in Malaysia. I went to the inaugural race back in 1998. The decibels, despite ear plugs, plus the heat (that time we sat on the grass) were enough to tell me once is enough. The past few years, Eugene got covered hill stand and grandstand seats but I'd pass too because of the noise. Plus, my cool, handsome Finnish driver Mika Hakinnen has stopped racing for some years already. Yup, when it comes to some sports, I'm the typical female who watches for the hunks in addition to the actual sporting excitement. Blame it on the hormones I guess!

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