Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Every cent counts!

What do you do with loose change? I try to get rid of them as much as I can when I go shopping, especially at wet markets, supermarkets or hawker stalls. The smallest denomination for coins in Malaysia is one sen (one cent). Come 1 April, the Malaysian government's decision to do away with one sen coins will take effect. The total that you have to pay will be rounded up or down to the nearest five sen. An example is shown here (pic from The Star).

Now back to what we do with loose change; more specifically what my husband and daughter do with theirs.

No, they are not savers actually. Mr Pack Rat simply avoids the hassle of carrying one sen coins and conveniently 'collects' them in a container, while Miss Fun-loving Girl simply enjoys the act of dropping coins into a slot in a few fancy piggy banks.

And moi, the saver and Mdm Pick-up-after-others is now burdened with the task of sorting out the one sen coins, counting them and taking them to the bank to be deposited into Caitlin's savings before 1 April. I can't bear to see the coins becoming obsolete. An alternative would be to take them to a fast food chain which normally collects change to be donated to charity. This way, I don't have to count the coins and they go to a good cause.

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