Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Drive traffic is a site that provides viral marketing to help you drive traffic to your blog. Besides blogs, you can also market your photos, songs or anything you would like more viewers of.

The process is very simple. Simply go to the site and register for free. I tried it out and within five minutes of providing simple information, you get an account. What's good about Buzzfuse is that it also gives you good opportunity to make money by inviting your contacts to review your items. The more people you have as trusted reviewers, the more feedback you get. As a result, the viral marketing of your content will also increase. The people you invite will all get a free account and can unsubscribe at any time.

Buzzfuse is currently offering a chance to win their premium account valued at $180 if you have more than 30 people in your 'circle' and when you have registered more than two posts.

Use Buzzfuse* to easily rate, review, and share this item

This is a sponsored post.

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