Wednesday, March 5, 2008


It's interesting to look at what bloggers write about. Some make blogging a business so they write about anything that they are interested in (or maybe not) as long as they pay. Others write about things that happen in their lives, their feelings, their thoughts, passion and interests in certain niches. Some don't write much but turn it into a photoblog filled with beautiful photographs. Some make theirs a videoblog. Some turn it into a forum or discussion board.

But what's more interesting for me is why bloggers blog. This month marks the first anniversary of this blog. I set up Stories of ACE and posted my first entry on March 20, 2007.

It all started when a few of my friends and I shared a blog to update each other and keep in touch. It was kept within our small circle and slowly fizzled out because only a few of us were actively updating the blog then. The short experience ignited my interest and I decided to create my own blog to record the little things (even the mundane ones) that take place in our lives. This way, I didn't have to repeat my stories to different groups of people. Subsequently, two of my friends from the initial blogging group have started their own blogs too to fulfill their own needs.

Why do you blog? I came across this site with a group of bloggers sharing "one word to describe why you blog". It's fun and interesting to learn in just one word why bloggers from around the world blog.

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