Friday, March 21, 2008

All quiet

I've slowed down in blogging these two weeks. Just been too busy with other stuff. My brains have not been excited or stimulated by any ideas too so I've nothing much to ramble about here! I guess life is pretty boring at the moment.

Update on our coin 'collection': I spent over one hour sorting and counting the coins and they amounted to RM248.96! That's a lot when you're talking about coins. I lugged them, weighing at least five kilos, to the bank and 'shocked' the teller when my number was called. Of course, they couldn't count the coins immediately so it was only in the afternoon that they confirmed the amount and deposited the coins. I decided to keep the money in Caitlin's savings as I currently don't feel very generous, in terms of cash, to charities....

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