Thursday, February 14, 2008

Not enough sleep?

Caitlin has hardly had any afternoon naps this year. I guess she is outgrowing that need although I do wish most times that she would nap so that I could have some quiet time for myself.

These past few days have not been different. However, she has started feeling tired and sleepy a little earlier in the night and goes into Dreamland by 10.30pm, sleeping longer hours too. Well, for parents whose kids sleep by 8.00 or 9.00pm, you must probably think 10.30pm is really late! Caitlin normally goes to sleep around 11.00pm or a bit later sometimes. She has always been difficult to put to bed since young. And I remember at age 2, she defied sleep and our frustrated pleas, waking up at 2.00am wanting to play with me till about 5.00am, allowing me only about five hours sleep in preparation for a stressful day at work.

These two mornings, she has woken up later than usual and arrived at school even later than usual....I wonder if this is her body's way of getting more sleep to make up for the 'discarded' afternoon naps and non-stop mental and physical activities she tends to indulge in.

I've been feeling sleepier than usual and waking up late like her too these few days. Maybe it's too much feasting over the Chinese New Year. Too much meat. I guess I should start my partial vegetarian diet again....

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