Monday, February 18, 2008


We had a taste of the much-raved-about J.Co Donuts yesterday. These donuts have been the talk of town since they arrived on Kuala Lumpur shores from its original birthplace of Jakarta, Indonesia. Now, one would think that nothing beats the well-known Dunkin' Donuts, but somehow, I've never ever seen a long queue at any Dunkin' Donuts outlets. Since J.Co opened at two malls (Pavilion and Sunway Pyramid), the queues snake out onto the outer corridors, be it a weekday or a weekend.

J.Co outlet at Pavilion.

This is considered a short queue.

This reminds me of the Rotiboy Mexican bun craze some years back when everyone just had to have it and also queued till kingdom come for them. The demand was so great that production just barely kept up to pace with the buns being plonked straight from the oven into its brown paper bag and into the hands of the buyer. But now, there are no more queues and no longer my top-of-mind recall item.

As for J.Co, the craze is still hot since it's only some months old. I had just mentioned to Caitlin as we arrived at Pavilion and walked past the queue that people must be pretty silly to waste their time queueing over some donuts, no matter how delicious they could be. Having said that, I guess when it comes to Malaysians, they've been known to even swim the seven seas to get to the supposedly best bowl of prawn noodles in some unknown village!

On the way to Pavilion in the car, I read the latest issue of Flavours (a foodie mag) which happened to feature Food Republic and J.Co to get some tips on what's good at the foodcourt. Caitlin caught sight of a picture of a pink (her fave colour...) donut called Heaven Berry in the mag. She is somewhat of a donut fan actually. So after dinner, she requested for Heaven Berry. "I just have to have it, mum, I'll try to be patient" was the reply when I told her it'll take a long time in the queue. Gosh, I wish she would give such answers all the time when we tell her to wait before her demands are met!

Anyway, I left Eugene and her to queue while I checked out other outlets nearby. I had expected Eugene to purchase one Heaven Berry and another donut for himself but I should have known better. The sweet-tooth father and daughter team left the queue with a box of six donuts (More value for money was Eugene's reasoning....).

The six-pack we got.

Despite having just eaten an unusually heavy dinner of Taiwanese beef ball noodles, Caitlin said she wanted to eat Heaven Berry immediately. So we found a cosy table and I was ready to observe and document the two of them enjoying their donuts (I don't have a sweet tooth and donuts are just donuts to me even if they are J.Co).

They did not finish all six (to my relief, imagine the consequences...two kids bouncing off the walls) so I had a taste of one this morning. They are quite good actually, the dough is light and soft while the topping is not overtly sweet.

Would I go back for more? Probably yes, if an occasion or craving calls for a donut and I happen to be in Pavilion or Sunway Pyramid. But no, if the queue is ten miles long!

Eugene stealing a bite of Caitlin's Heaven Berry

This is not a posed shot but rather a spontaneously original expression of a fan of donuts and all things pink!

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Right-side Up said...

They opened a few outlets in Singapore as well but I doubt anyone can beat Krispy Kreme's donuts. They are the BEST in the world - seriously! KK have at least one outlet in Jakarta and I'm so hoping they'll jump onto the bandwagon here and spread some "real" donuts here!