Thursday, February 28, 2008

Balloon Fashion

It's amazing how creative some people can be with balloons. All I can do with balloons is blow them up, draw funny faces on them, use them as decor for parties or bounce them in the air as a game with Caitlin.

Nowadays, sculpting balloons is pretty common, twisting and tying them into various shapes like flowers, animals, etc. These are done mainly by children entertainers, clowns, magicians at kids' parties. Many shopping malls now also hire these people to become crowd pullers during weekends. Families with kids are often seen making a beeline and queueing patiently at these balloon stands.

Some balloon sculptors set up a stall along high pedestrian traffic areas in malls to sell their creations. These balloons don't come cheap and most parents give in when their kid pleads for one. We have been 'victims' many a time when Caitlin asks for one. Some of these balloons are well made and can last up to a week. Some, however, are not well twisted and quickly unravel once the balloons begin to deflate.

Some balloon sculptors have become even cleverer and more creative, turning their balloons into funky fashion. Take a look at these pictures. Aren't they amazing?


Nikoloon said...

I am Balloon artist who was in China festival and made some of this great work. you can see more photos on my web:

Anna said...

Aha! The artist mentioned in my post has appeared in my blog! Great work Nikoloon! You are so creative!