Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back from the hols

We had a long weekend for the Chinese New Year and tomorrow Eugene goes back to work. Caitlin goes back to school on Tuesday. This year, the festival was a little quieter. This means Caitlin's 'angpow' haul was smaller too, heh heh....We spent it with both sides of family in Klang and Seremban. We made a day trip down to Melaka to visit my grandmother, uncles, aunts and cousins.

I didn't do very much the past four days except eat and laze about. I didn't have access to the Internet too and am surprised I did not suffer any withdrawal symptoms! I only checked email using my mobile phone. The Internet speed was very slow via the phone so no point surfing any sites. Moreover, the screen of my phone is just not wide enough to comfortably view any pages.

I cleaned the floors of our apartment the minute we arrived home as I couldn't stand to feel the dust on my soles and see the bits of stuff like hair and eraser dust (courtesy of Caitlin's constant use of the eraser while doing her homework!)on the floor. Thankfully more than a year ago, we invested some thousands of dollars on a super duper machine that sucks up dirt, dust, and dustmites very efficiently. It leaves the floor almost squeaky clean that you don't really need a wet mop after that. Later, I unpacked most of the baggage and did two rounds of laundry.

Eugene, meanwhile, cleaned and changed the water for Caitlin's fish tank while Caitlin supposedly kept her five goldfish company while they were isolated in a temporary basin. He then changed our bedsheets.

Now, Eugene has just helped Caitlin shower and is trying to get her dressed while she is escaping his clutches by riding around in her toy scooter in the nude....This comical scene happens pretty regularly in our household.

It is my turn now for a shower before we figure out what to have for dinner. I certainly am not in the condition physically or mentally to cook dinner tonight!

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