Thursday, January 31, 2008

Writing notes

Caitlin likes to write little notes simply for fun when she comes across some writing material. Most times, she writes love notes for us with the three words or substitutes a drawing of a heart for "love". Of late, her heart has taken more character with a face and a bow on top. She'll then stick them on our doors or walls.

Just an hour ago while I was working at the computer, I noticed she was busy writing something. She only asked me how to spell "care" so I told her. She then surprised me with what she had written. I must say it was a "proud mummy moment" when I saw it. It said "Tank (thank) you mum for taking care of me and I love u. Caitlin"

I asked how she got the idea to write me that message and she replied with her somewhat sly but sweet smile (just like the one in the pic below): "From my brain."

Okay, mummy is "duh".... Actually I thought she got the idea from some TV show. Well what can I say? Now I'm assured she has a brain and a heart, two very vital organs literally and figuratively...!

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Lap-Band Surger said...

You're baby is so sweet and intelligent..I remember my Mom also kept the cards that I gave her when I was a child before and still reading it from time to time.