Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Reading vs. writing

The scale is tipped way over on reading for Caitlin right now. Since having acquired the know-how on reading on her own, she's just been reading and reading and reading anywhere, anytime....

When it comes to writing, oh boy, all I can say is it's a nightmare for me. She simply does not like writing and it clearly shows in her writing. Even her teacher has commented that she needs to "practise writing more" and "could be tidier". Since school started this year, she's been getting one page of writing homework everyday. This is a major step from one page of homework every week last year.

The bigger challenge lies not in writing English words (although I wish they could be more neatly written) but in Mandarin. Her impatience and lack of interest in writing produces roughly written words which are out of shape and sometimes almost illegible.

Meanwhile, reading in Mandarin is usually greeted with almost equal enthusiasm as reading in English....

Anyone out there has tips on how to make writing more interesting for this kid of mine?

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Chee Hung said...

Here i am! Merry Thaipusam!