Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's Day Outing

ACE did two new things on 1 January 2008. First, we visited for the first time one of KL's latest malls, Pavilion. (It is built on the site where the old and famed Bukit Bintang Girls' School once stood. When the school was scheduled for demolition for this development, there was much hue and cry and protests to protect its honourable history).

Pavilion is the epitome of modern-city malls. It has wide open walk ways, lots of glass, contemporary design, and well-planned layout to cater to the (expensive) tastes of affluent KL-ites. You can find most designer-brand outlets there. The supermarket on its lower ground floor even has a designer-type name, Le Mercate while its food court, Food Republic, has earned my praise.

Food Republic caters to local and international taste buds, featuring a good spread of various countries' fare on one side, local fare in open 'islands' in the centre and restaurants and cafes on another side. Tables are aplenty. We managed to find one quite easily at peak lunch hour yesterday, a public holiday; while I noticed those who had to wait for others to vacate their table didn't have to wait too long. The place is clean and spacious. There seems to be enough workers to clear the tables efficiently as I did not see any table piled high with used bowls and plates or food scraps. Even our table was promptly cleared just before we got off our seats.

The main entrance of the mall descends via two deep flights of stairs into a grand concourse area which is currently decorated with a five-storey high Christmas tree-like centrepiece. A wind ensemble entertained shoppers-turned-spectators who sat on the steps to enjoy their a medley of Christmas and well-known tunes. Caitlin enjoyed the performance too.

After checking out the mall, we proceeded to Lake Titiwangsa where The Eye On Malaysia (a scaled down copy of London's Eye) is located. It costs RM15 per adult and RM8 per child (age 3-12) for a 20-minute ride in its air-conditioned gondola (which can seat up to eight people) for a view of the city skyline. While the cloudy weather helped us feel more comfortable (we got there in the afternoon), some of our photographs had to be compensated by the use of fill-in flash. We enjoyed the ride as it was Caitlin's first time on a ferris wheel and Eugene and my first time together on one. Here are some pictures.

Daddy, please, please, pleeease, may I have one balloon?

Mmmm, I guess my pleading worked and I got the most expensive (RM7!) one.

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