Thursday, January 24, 2008

A holiday yesterday

It was a public holiday yesterday, the festival of Thaipusam for the Hindus. This holiday used to be observed by certain Malaysian states only, and the Federal Territory state of which Kuala Lumpur is in, was not included. This year, the Prime Minister declared it a holiday for Federal Territory, much to the happiness of the Hindus and non-Hindus alike of KL. For most Malaysians, a holiday, even just one day, means going out, especially to the malls. Caitlin suggested going to her favourite mall in Mid Valley the night before but we vetoed the idea.

We visited my eight-month-old nephew little Ryan instead. Caitlin, as usual, was all excited to get there as soon as possible. She had not finished her homework so it was a tough struggle to get her to focus. By the time she finished (just one A4 page of Mandarin writing), it was almost lunchtime. So we packed our lunch and headed over to see Ryan and have lunch at their home.

Ryan is growing fast and can crawl now. He even crawled to chase Caitlin when he caught her riding on his new toy, a rider-walker thingy.

Caitlin is very fond of babies. She is always very protective over all her younger cousins. If any adult so much as requests the child to not do something, she would quickly tell that person off asking him/her not to 'scold' the baby.

Big sister Caitlin enjoying a cookie.

Little Ryan wishing he has more teeth to enjoy one too.

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