Friday, January 4, 2008

Back to school

School re-opened yesterday. Caitlin was eager to go. She woke up on time by herself at 7.00am (we have to leave home by 8.30am as school starts at 8.45am). I was pretty surprised as in the past six weeks, she would wake at around 8.00am as she goes to bed very late. (Attempts to re-train her to sleep earlier in order to wake earlier were not succesful.)

She was cooperative in getting dressed and having breakfast. She even reminded me that she had to brush her teeth and told me that the "long hand is past six" indicating it was past 8.30am and we needed to get moving to go to school.

She said she likes her new teacher, Teacher Kai Ling, and her new class. A number of her classmates from last year are with her. Her class size is larger this year. I hope the teacher can manage all 24 of them.

We have put her in the Mandarin stream, hopefully to 'acclimatise' her in a Chinese-speaking environment in preparation for primary school next year. She said she did not really understand what Teacher said yesterday but Teacher also did speak in English. (Most instructions are in Mandarin). I noticed from the list of names that there are non-Chinese, like Malay and Punjabi, kids in her class too. Many non-Chinese parents are sending their kids to Chinese schools nowadays.

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