Sunday, December 16, 2007

More veggies, less meat!

I am trying to cut down intake of meat and 'outside' food but finding it difficult to do so. I think I'm not trying hard enough. Time management is always the problem here. Planning meals and preparing them myself takes time. Household chores, one active kid, errands etc is a juggling act.

I take my hat off to older generation parents with literally a dozen kids. But I actually think that they could have been more focused because they didn't have to ferry the kids to and from school, extra curricular activities etc. Kids those days either walked,cycled or took public transport if they could afford it unlike kids nowadays who are pampered by air-conditioned cars, chauffeurs etc. Kids those days didn't have to go for tuition for every subject, art classes, special math or computer classes, music, dance, swimming, gymnastics, ice skating or golf lessons.

Okay, enough of comparisons - back to the actual topic about becoming 'vegetarian'. This is mainly for health reasons since becoming more aware of the dangers of processed foods, preservatives, artificial additives, 'unhealthy' animal proteins, etc, etc, etc. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. The risks are so evident nowadays - high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood glucose, obesity, cancer, allergies, etc, etc, etc. Fresh and organic food seems like the better way to go these days....

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