Thursday, December 13, 2007

Boring subject of weather

The year-end monsoon season is in full swing. It has been raining daily for the past two weeks. The usual east coast and southern states of Peninsular Malaysia has been hit again by floods, forcing thousands to be evacuated. Here in the capital city, the sky's grey most days and the temperature cooler than usual.

Caitlin's into her coughing bout again since the past two weeks and she now has a mild fever. I guess the combination of the weather, her refusal to take her usual afternoon rest and late nights have caught up with her. Hey, tis the school holidays so why nap or sleep when there's much more fun things to do?

Sigh, kids these days....Compared to her, I guess I was pretty stupid to be obedient when I was her age and missing out on more of whatever fun I could have had!

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