Saturday, November 10, 2007

Guide to cleaning mouth and hands

1. Turn on the tap.
2. Wet hands.
3. Squeeze liquid soap onto palm and rub hands together.
4. While rubbing hands, hold them up to check if clean, let soap drip down to elbows.
5. Wash soap off hands (and not forearm or elbows where soap dripped down).
6. Wipe and rub mouth with wet hands.
7. Turn off the tap but not fully so that it still trickles.
8. Dry mouth with shirt sleeve or collar.
9. Ignore hand towel. Dry hands on shirt or nearby wall.
10.If mummy is nearby, dry them on mummy's shirt or shorts.

by Caitlin, 5 years.

(Editor's note: the ideas in this article are original and copyrighted by Caitlin. No input whatsoever was provided by her main caregivers i.e. her parents. Her parents marvel at her creativity and resourcefulness)

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